Use Instructions

1: Register and Login Instructions

A: Click Register Button on top right to register

Then click Login button on top right to login

B: Enter Update details to fill all details for final certificate


C: Enter Students Information to go USER CENTER at any time

2: Payment Instructions

A: Select subjects you want to study

B: Click Buy Now

C: Log in your PayPal account

D: Pay by your PayPal Balance

E: or Add credit or debit card

F: then Pay by credit or debit card

G: You paid then return to merchant

H: course purchased in your User Center

3: Study Instructions

A: go to page of subject that you have paid

B: Online view or download

4: Examination Instructions

A: Examination Explanation

Each subject has relative examination, each examination has ten choice questions (randomly selected from our questions database), each question is ten score, student will pass this subject examination if score is over sixty; student will have TWO chances to take examination of each subject; if student still fails to pass after two chances, please contact

B: Click Online Examinations

C: Select subject you have studied to Start Exam

D: Click Submit after you finish examination

E: System will automatically mark the examination and tell student pass or not pass examination

5: Download Certificate

If student takes and passes at least six subjects examinations, student can download and see certificate on Students Center – Download Certificate.

A: Click Students Information to enter User Center

B: Click Download Certificate to download then see your certificate

Attention: There is only one time for student to download your certificate, so before download certificate, please check all information on Update details in Students Center that you fill are correct (specially Surname, Given Names, Nationality and Photo)