• 1: Why does student need to study online?

    Answer: 1: EASY – study at home; 2: Flexible – study at any time; 3: Economic – save lot of costs in flight ticket and local accommodation; 4: More you will get – get knowledge, get certificate.

  • 2: How does student to register?

    Answer: Register → Select subjects then pay tuition → Study → Take Examinations → Get certificate

  • 3: How does student pay tuition?

    Answer: Pay by PayPal balance, credit or debit card.

  • 4: How does student study?

    Answer: Student can study online or download to study.

  • 5: How does student take examinations?

    Answer: Each subject has relative examination, each examination has ten choice questions, each question is ten score, student will pass this subject examination if score is over sixty; student will have two chances to take examination of each subject

  • 6: What does certificate include?

    Answer: Certificate includes name of course subjects and studying hours, and certificate is issued by China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center including signature and seal.

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