Tuina Techniques


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Chinese Tuina Therapy (Video Course)

Basic Manipulations

Section 1 Tui Fa (pushing method)

Section 2 Rou Fa (circular kneading method) and Mo Fa (circular rubbing method)

Section 3 Gun Fa (rolling method)

Section 4 Na Fa (holding method)

Section 5 Tan Bo Fa (flicking and plucking method)

Section 6 An Fa or Ya Fa (pressing method)

Section 7 Qian Fa (traction method) and Qian Dou Fa (traction with shaking method)

Section 8 Yao Fa (rotating method)

Section 9 Ban Fa (pulling method)

Section 10 Kou Fa (tapping method)

Tuina Therapy for Common Diseases

Section 1 Headache

Section 2 Cervical Spondylosis

Section 3 Back Pain

Section 4 Lumbago

Section 5 Sciatic Pain

Section 6 Periarthritis of Shoulder Joint

Section 7 Knee Joint Pain

Section 8 External Humeral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

  Section 9 Contusion of Wrist

  Section 10 Sprain of Ankle

  Section 11 Gastric Pain (indigestion)


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