Yin Yang and Five Elements


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The theory of yin yang


Section one  Concept of yin yang


Original and explanation




Section two  Basic content of the theory of yin yang

1. The integration of yin and yang

2. The opposition of Yin and Yang

3. The interdependence of yin and yang

4. The interaction and interhiding of yin and yang

5. The inter-consuming-supporting of yin and yang

6. The inter-transforming of yin and yang

7. The dynamic balance of yin and yang


Section three  Application of the theory of yin-yang in traditional Chinese medicine

1. To distinguish the structure of human body

2. To explain the physiological activities of human body

3. To illustrate the influence of environment on human body

4. To interpret the pathological changes in human body

5. To classify the symptoms of diseases

6. To guide the thinking of clinical diagnosis

7. Applied in prevention of diseases

8. To establish the treating principles

9. To analyze and generalize the nature and functions of Chinese medicines

10. To analyze and generalize the functions of points

11. To analyze and generalize the effect of acupuncture and moxibustion


Section four  Application of the theory of yin-yang in other subjects

1. In natural science

2. In social science