Qi, Blood and Body Fluid


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Essence, qi, blood, and blody fluid



1. Concept, metabolism, function, and classification of essence

2. Concept, formation, movement and functional activity, function, and classification of qi

3. Concept, formation, circulation, and function of blood

4. Concept, metabolism, and function of body fluid

5. Relationship between qi and blood, between qi and body fluid, and among essence, blood, and body fluid.


Texts and notes

1. Essence

1.1. Concept of essence

1.2. Metabolism of essence

(1). Formation of essence

Congenital essence

Acquired essence

(2). Storage and discharge of essence

1.3. Function of essence

(1). Reproduction of life

(2). Nourishing

(3). Transforming into blood

(4). Transforming into qi

1.4. Classification of essence

(1). Congenital essence and acquired essence

(2). Zangfu essence

(3). Reproductive essence


2. Qi

2.1. Concept of qi

2.2. Formation of qi

(1). Source of qi

(2). Related zangfu organs

2.3. Movement and functional activity of qi (Qihua)

(1). Movement of qi

(2). Functional activity of qi (Qihua)

2.4. Functions of qi

(1). Promoting, regulating, and controlling

(2). Warming, cooling, and moistening

(3). Protecting

(4). Checking

2.5. Classification of qi

(1). Qi of the human body

(2). Yuan-primary qi, Zong-pectoral qi, Ying-nutrient qi, Wei-defensive qi

Yuan-primary qi

Zong-pectoral qi

Ying-nutrient qi

Wei-defensive qi

(3) Zangfu qi, meridian qi


3. Blood

3.1. Concept of blood

3.2. Formation of blood

(1). Origin of blood

(2). Physiological functions of its related zangfu organs

3.3. Circulation of blood

(1). Factors affecting the blood circulation

(2). Physiological functions of its related zangfu organs

3.4. Functions of blood

(1). Nourishing

(2). Producing energy and emotions


4. Body fluid

4.1. Concept of body fluid

4.2. Metabolism of body fluid

(1). Formation of body fluid

(2). Distribution of body fluid

(3). Discharge of body fluid

4.3. Function of body fluid

(1). Nourishing and moistening

(2). Replenishing blood


5. Relations among essence, qi, blood, and body fluid

5.1. Relationship between qi and blood

(1). Qi is the commander of blood.

(2). Blood is the mother of qi".

5.2. Relationship between qi and body fluid

(1). Qi produces body fluid.

(2). Qi circulates body fluid.

(3). Qi controls body fluid.

(4). Body fluid produces qi.

(5). Body fluid carries qi.

5.3. Relations among essence, blood, and body fluid

(1). Essence and blood come from the same origin.

(2). Body fluid and blood come from the same origin.