Treatment Principles


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A General Introduction to Acupuncture Treatment



1. Principles of acupuncture treatment

2. Functions of acupuncture treatment

3. Establishment of acupuncture treatment plan


Text and annotation

1. Principles of acupuncture treatment

1.1. Reinforce the deficiency and reduce the excess

(1). Reinforcing the deficiency

(2). Applying moxibustion for qi deficiency with prolapse of organs

(3). Reducing the excess

(4). Removing the stasis blocked in the meridians and collaterals

(5). Applying acupuncture along the affected meridians with even method

1.2. Clear the heat and warm the cold

(1). Treating heat diseases with shallow insertion and rapid withdrawal

(2). Treating cold diseases with deep insertion and needle retaining

1.3. Treat the root-cause

(1). Treating the acute symptoms first in emergency case

(2). Treating the root-cause after the acute symptoms relieved

(3). Treating the disease by looking into its root-cause and symptoms

1.4. Treat patients according to climatic and seasonal conditions, geographical locations and individual conditions

(1). Climatic and seasonal conditions

(2). Geographical locations

(3). Individual conditions


2. Functions of acupuncture treatment

2.1. Remove obstruction of meridians and collaterals

2.2. Regulate yin and yang

2.3. Strengthen body resistance and eliminate pathogenic factors


3. Establishment of acupuncture treatment plan

3.1. Select points

(1). Selection of points

Nearby points

Distant points

Symptomatic points

(2). Point combination

Meridian combination

A: Affected meridian

B: Externally-internally related meridians

C: The same name meridians

Location combination

A: Upper and lower points

B: Front and back points

C: Left and right points

3.2. Select acupuncture and moxibustion methods

(1). Acupuncture and moxibustion methods

(2). Manipulation of treatment

(3). Treatment time

(4). Treatment frequency